Her name: Atlanta Noo de Cadenet Taylor Age: Only 17? Atlanta was born in England and her parents are John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Amanda De Cadenet. Her style is unique and really cool. She also looks like Rachel Bilson, just a little bit.

As you can spot in the last image, Mark Hunter, of the famed Cobrasnake party pics also seems taken with her...

(source) and collage (Image 2) made by me from tfs scans (source)

I love Noot, totally obsessed actually. From Elle (issue?) Looking fabulous. After reading your encouraging comments in regards to my previous post I feel better. Now I just want to lay outside among the flowers and then into the night to stare into the stars. Kind of like Noot is doing above.

When I look at the soft blue dress on her, all I can think about is hunting for just the perfect one for myself. One in almost or close to the same shade and fabric. One of the best sites around for doing such a search through would be a wholesale clothing site.