List of Things to Do With Your Boyfriend

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A list of ideas to do with your boyfriend. I've checked some off already.

Do you have ANY MORE inventive ideas? Please share. :)

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Nana Granada 26/06/2013

This is cute =)) hope you can spare a time to visit my blog and you might consider following each other? =)
just let me know )

accountant co 31/12/2013

That is a comparatively small list. And it is a very interesting list too. It will be fun if you carry around such a list with a partner and check all the things just after finish doing it. J.K. Please keep on posting more.

anchor 01/03/2014

Nice list, i actually have never done several of this things with my girlfriend, I'm going to do it now that I know. Thanks for sharing.

Mamasanz 24/04/2014

I love love love this! Each task is attached to a memory. Great thing to frame for a married couple.

anker 22/08/2014

Sharing sleeping boxers! its something i do with most of my girlfriends, there is something really special about sharing underwear.